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Twitter and the power of influential people.

I have a short story worth sharing about how one tweet by an influential member of the community can build traffic to your site.

I maintain a blog in which I log my triathlon training, but also where I post reviews about tri gear, mostly running shoes.  The blog has few regular readers, maybe five.  That’s OK, I mostly write it for myself.

The other day I received a new pair of running shoes.  These are an updated, limited edition, early production of a model that I’ve been running and racing in for years; they were also part of a fundraiser promoted by Chrissie Wellington and her sponser, Brooks.  I was eager to get a pair early so I could write a review and to see if they would be a candidate for races this summer.  The day I got them, I took a few photos, wrote up a few first impressions, and posted it to my blog.  I then tweeted the following:

Look what came in the mail today…new Brooks T7, @chrissiesmiles edition http://j.mp/f4nrzS #T7

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, the @ symbol in front of chrissiesmiles (her twitter alias) means she’ll probably see my post, even if she isn’t following me, which she isn’t.  She did see it, and retweeted it, along with the link to my blog, to her 8000+ followers.  That drove about 700 people to my blog, which usually sees only a handful.  While that traffic spiked and quickly dropped, it did have the impact of doubling my regular traffic…from one handful to two handfuls.

The take-away?  Twitter is easy, and if you can get the ear of people who are influential in your industry, can be a significant source of traffic to your website.