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NCMD Notes – Text and Sentiment Analytics: Trasforming Call Center, Social, and Survey Data into Customer Intelligence.

I was having a good conversation with the people as Experion, so I came in late to this presentation.

Take data: structured data & unstructured data from social and other external sources; use core functionality to transform that data to some meaningful format; then provide this transformed data to management and analysts.

The transformation of external and internal text type data to meaningful data is very difficult.  You always need to refine the algorithms.  Algorithms need to look at specific keywords that have a certain proximity.

How listening operations fit into DM cycle

Use input from listening services to trigger specific marketing events.  One example, if a person books a room, and mentions that they like a specific Mexican restaurant, then send them a coupon to that restaurant.  (Not sure this makes sense; aren’t they likely to go to this restaurant anyway?  Why give them a coupon?  Better example would be if they mention another, outside Mexican restaurant, then send them a coupon for your Mexican restaurant.)

Make sure you scan and capture internal text data, including data from your call center.  Again you’d need algorithms to transform the text to actionable data.

For example, looking for words “bedroom” and “smell” found in some text string could be a negative indicator. They found that it was important to set expectations before arrival, and then meet those expectations during the stay.

Don’t forget to capture chat text data, and link that to the customer.  Also capture incoming email text.

Monitoring allows you to rectify problems you might not otherwise be aware of.  You need to specifically look at spikes. It is helpful to segment people into promoters and detractors.  If there is a common criticism in both groups, then there is something you need to address. 

Very intersting presentation.  I think it is worth looking into the services Clarbridge provides.