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Dinner with Portrait Software

I had the great fortune last night to be invited to dinner by Portrait Software last night.  This is a great group of guys, smart and fun, and if you are considering marketing optimization, analytics, or campaign management software it is worth looking into their suite.

The trip to the Forge, in Miami Beach, was something to remember.  The poor driver had no clue how to get there, so three people immediately whipped out their iPhones to provide directions.  Unfortunately, the iPhone presented to the driver had the wrong address, so we ended up in some industrial area of Miami instead of at a restaurant in Miami beach.  It was a rather hilarious combination of a clueless driver and conflicting GPS advice.

When we got to the restaurant, we were seated around this massive table and in 10 foot tall, 4 foot wide, white leather, wing-back chairs.  These things were so heavy that the staff had to help you push them up to the table.  Once in, you were pretty much stuck.

The chairs also made it a challenge for the great service staff to serve the food and drink.  You”d be talking to somebody and suddenly see a waiter’s arm reach out between two chairs to poor wine, but you’d never see his body.  The contrast between the waiter’s black outfit and the white chairs made this even more comical.

Anyway, the Forge has atmosphere and attitude seeping out of its pores.  I ate too much but drank just the right amount (yeah, right).