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Fundraising Compas

Fundraising Compas: 18 Great Resources Every Fundraiser Should Know About



Targeting Fundraising Talent

MGOs: Why a New Job Should NOT Be on Your 2015 To-Do List

…unless you are considering coming to NMH.

6 People to Watch in 2015

6 People to watch in 2015

“A lot of the newer-wealth donors want to know in a more intimate way what their money is helping to leverage,” Mr. Iseminger says.


Millennials more altuistic than GenXers?

And more inclined to give to education…
WSJ: A Generational Gap: Giving to Charity

Changing Careers

In October, I changed careers, moving from Direct Marketing to Advancement.  My skill transfer well and I’m loving my new job.  I hope someday I’ll post something of interest, but for now I’m just going to use this site as a link repository.