Monthly Archives: March 2012

Action Devices

As an old-time direct marketer I’m fond of action devices.  There’s no reason you can’t implement them in email.  Here’s a good example from UNLOCK YOUR SECRET SAVINGS COUPON

Clicking on the link unlocks a 10% off bedding discount, which they also mention in the small print at the bottom of the email.



Email Clients

I’ve been attempting to remove Google from my life due to privacy concerns. I’ve never been overly concerned about privacy, but I think Google has gone over the line. I’ve made the switch from Google search to Bing and am quite pleased with the switch.  I’ve also switched back to Firefox from Chrome; both are good browsers.  I’ve also been using Safari more and more.

Google+ has never been an issue because I’ve never really adopted it.

But it has been tough to find an alternative to gmail. I’ve switched some of my email accounts to hotmail and have found it to be OK, but the spam filtering is not quite as good as Gmail’s. I also want to separate my email account from the search engine I use, and since I’ve switched to Bing, I don’t want to also use Microsoft’s email client.

That left Yahoo mail as the only other option. Although I like the yahoo interface, their spam filter is horrible. Every time I’d flag an email as spam, I’d get this response from Yahoo: “Thank you! Every message you report helps SpamGuard perform better.” Unfortunately, the same spammy emails would show up repeatedly: SpamGuard just never got better, so I had to dump Yahoo.

For now I’ve split my email accounts between gmail and hotmail…at least until I can find an alternative online email client. If only there were an online version of Mozilla Thunderbird.