Subject Lines (non-promotional): Week Ending 2/19

I’m keeping an eye out for subject lines that are not discount oriented.  Here’s what I found this week.

From Altrec, this one is either brilliant or the copywriter was bored:
New for Spring

Now this one from Bedford Fair isn’t bad.  It is qualifying the products that are in the email and making the subscriber feel special:
The looks we love, just for you!

For the procrastinators, from Pagamagram:
Last Chance for Romance

Actually, there were a lot of Valentine Last Chance emails, the above just happened to be the first I came across.

Here’s another one that tells us exactly what we should expect.  The open rates might not be great, but conversion might make up for it.  From Crate & Barrel:
Looking for the perfect rice cooker? We found it

This email also targets a very specific audience:
Get in and out of bed with ease…

This subject line (actually the whole email) from Ben & Jerry’s deserves a special attention, but unfortunately, there is no “see it here” link:
Take the Dough out of politics!

The first paragraph of copy reads as follows:
At Ben & Jerry’s we’re so fond of dough we invented Cookie Dough ice cream! But when it comes to politics, there’s no place for “dough”. So why are corporations allowed to spend as much money as they want to influence our elections? Join us to take back American democracy with a Constitutional Amendment that will keep corporate money out of our elections. Take action at!

But most of the subject lines that didn’t feature discounts or offers were product or product category specific, like this one from Valley Vet:
Udderly EZ Goat Milker Sale @

Or this one from Costco:
Safeguard Your Home Or Business With Security And Monitoring Systems.

And here’s one from Campmor:
Coleman Outdoor Gear




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