Subject Lines: Two Weeks Ending 1/28

At some point I hope I’ll have time to talk about other things than subject lines.  For example, I’m currently working on an e-Dialog implementation that is going very well and I’d like to discuss that.

But for now, just subject lines, and not many of those.  Here are some more from the last weeks.  As you would expect, there are a lot of Football and Valentine related emails.

A game is always a good idea – this email was remailed 2-days after the original.
Crack the Code: Save up to 40%

Mother nature made me do it?
Mother Nature made us knock off 20%

Everybody likes a tent sale, this one from Orvis:
The Orvis 7 Day Tent Sale – It’s back and better than ever!

This one from Bare Escentuals is clever:
What are you doing later tonight?

This one from Gardener’s Supply is cute; not sure how successful it was:

Two things going on in the subject line from PacSun: a 48 hour Flash Sale and a 24 hour Secret Sale:
Don’t wait! The 48 Hour Flash Sale ends tonight! Plus, 24 Hour Secret Sale starts now!

Very Cute:
It was either a Hug or 20% Off Everything…

Anybody want a TV?
Shop Our Top Selling TVs And Save Up To $700

As simple as it gets:



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