Favorite Subject Lines this Week

Here are a few subject lines from this last week: the first week of 2012.  Naturally the theme is heavily oriented towards New Years and New Years resolutions. Of the 500+ I looked at, here are the ones that caught my eye.

As usual, lots of marketers are putting discounts in subject lines, but I liked the flow of this one from SmartBargins:
2012 Is Here And So Is your 31% Off!

Here’s a catchy one from Bare Essentials:
It’s New Year’s Day: do you know where your glow is?

And of course, free shipping, this one from Gap:
New Year, New Arrivals! + FREE Shipping Every Day

This one from Pier 1 caught my eye, but I can’t say I like it.  There isn’t really anything that would make me want to open it:
Does the calendar say Blahuary?

Amerimark – pretty bland:
New Year, New You – from AmeriMark!

Express is already getting us looking forward to spring:
Happy New Wear! Let’s Start Something Spring!

Of all the New Year Resolution emails, I liked this one from American Meadows:
Resolve to Plant Something New in 2012

and this one from Gaiam:
Live fit & healthy: Solutions for YOUR resolutions!

Hayband is still running Christmas emails – enough already:
Get a Grooming Kit on the 9th Day of Christmas!

Of course, discounts, along with a product head’s up:
Up to 80% off | Kids’ snowsuits, boys’ tees, Little Me baby shoes, phil&teds double strollers and more

In fact there were a bunch of subject lines featuring 80% off, but only one with 90% off:
Order Early! Find the Best Prices on Textbooks — Up to 90% Off

My favorite subject line comes from one of my least favorite companies: GoDaddy.  A person getting this personalized email is going to want to know for what they’ve been selected, which turns out to a 15% discount – whoopee!
You’ve Been Selected, FirstName LastName


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