Sources of Data: Rapleaf

I had a conversation with a rep at Rapleaf yesterday. They provide real-time data feeds and seem most notable for monitoring and collecting data from social networks. They provide both gender and age demographic data for free via their API.
A few interesting notes from our conversation:

  1. They maintain an Influencer Score that ranks how much influence a person has online. My contact mentioned that in their experience there is an inverse relationship between a person’s Influencer Score and the response to physical mailings: the more influence they have online, the less likely they are to respond to mailings.
  2. The opposite is true for email response, where there is a direct relationship between a person’s Influencer Score and their response to emails.
  3. It would be beneficial to target people with high scores, give them special coupons to pass along, or just generally make sure they are happy with their experience.
  4. In addition to the Influence Score, they maintain lots of other demographic data.
  5. By using the API, you could customize content (online and in emails) based on data from Rapleaf if we wished to do this. The API’s avg response time is 30 milliseconds.
  6. The data is expensive ~ $0.03 – $0.05 per field per record, although the rep did imply that there was room for negotiation if volume warranted it.

I will have to check out the API.

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